Stone Project

In the past few weeks I have been working on a new project, I enlarged pictures on stones. The idea is based on the topic of Identity which I think always has been a need for humans. We identify ourselves even without knowing it, our clothes, hairstyle, language speaks for itself, they show where we belong. I think a person has many identities, I consider myself Hungarian and also a photographer, I would say I am a liberal, but apart from this there is a core where these statuses come from which can not be explained by single words. This is what I tried to catch in this project.

The stone is one of the most ancient materials of the earth, and have always been used by people to express themselves, from the rock paintings to contemporary sculptors. Every stone is unique, it forms slowly by the power of nature, just as our identity does and it also has a story just as we have. Because of this if I print a portrait on a stone, they start to live together, and become one.

I have these two stones so far, but I will extend the series during the year.